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PuraBela is a labor of love.

For many years, I have been what is commonly referred to as a product junkie. Unfortunately until a few years ago, I never really worried about the ingredients that were in the everyday products that ultimately would wind up on my skin and in my hair.  But then as I became more increasingly both environmentally and health conscious, I began to pay much closer attention.  

What I discovered was a plethora of chemicals in these products that were harmful not only to humans but to the environment and animals as well.  I did more and more research and discovered that a lot of the "natural" brands I was using were actually owned by corporate giants whose business practices included utilizing cheaper chemicals for mass production, non-sustainable packaging and perhaps worst of all, cruel laboratory testing on innocent animals who don't have a voice.  

At PuraBela, we believe that a healthier, more compassionate world can begin in the unlikeliest of places. Many conventional home and beauty products consist of toxic chemicals and are tested on animals before being brought to market. PuraBela is 100% all-natural and cruelty-free.

At every step, health comes first. The health of animals, our customers, and the greater environment. The result is refreshing, effective products that do not compromise. Because neither do we.  The PuraBela team works hard to bring you the best because we believe you deserve nothing less.  

We are honored and humbled to share our PuraBela products with you.  Thank you for supporting our venture and welcome to the PuraBela community.






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