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10 Off the Grid Wellness Retreats to Reset Your Mind and Body

Taking adequate care of ourselves involves more than just the food we eat and the products we put on our skin.  And yet while getting good rest, maintaining a regular fitness regimen and limiting our consumption of alcohol and tobacco are no-brainers when it comes to health, too often we overlook one of the most important aspects - our brains.  Working long hours, stressing over money or relationships and not hitting the proverbial pause button from time to time can take its toll in a major way.  
Practicing meditation and treating yourself to the occasional massage or spa day are all well and good, but once in a while it never hurts to check out of the everyday hustle and check back into ourselves. We’ve put together a list of getaway options for every budget and lifestyle to entice you to hit your reset button.  

1. Alternavida: Sustainable Lifestyle and Wellness Community
Part of the Caribbean Islands, Alternavida is located in Utuado, in Puerto Rico. As a tropical location, the weather hovers around 82 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year making Alternavida the perfect getaway destination anytime the mood strikes.  
Why we like it:
Alternavida sets itself from many retreat places by providing different options and levels of retreat. Whether it’s taking part in one of their planned retreats, living “off the grid” or partaking in their non-profit work, the experienced team at Alternavida works to help you reset your life.
Four day/ three night all-inclusive retreat priced between $895-$1,290.

2. Nurture Through Nature Retreat Center
As Maine’s first Certified Green Center, Nurture Through Nature offers solace in many different ways. From planned retreats, yoga and holistic workshops and as well as individual spaces to rent, it is easy to find the exact kind of getaway you need. Located in Denmark, Maine (1 hour west of Portland) the best time to visit is during summer for optimal outdoor options.
Why We Like It:  
Nurture through Nature truly uses the outdoors as its classroom. The center strives to be an eco-retreat center that helps people rediscover balance in their lives. The private 33 acres of land truly provide a way for the hiker and adventurer in all of us to get away.
A one week yoga retreat ranges from  $1095~$1,395 - keep in mind costs are often lower during weekdays.

3. Yasodhara Ashram
Located in Kootenay Bay, British Columbia, Canada this ashram offers line and work programs as well as retreats. The ashram offers a variety of programs from yoga studies to retreats, depending on what type of getaway you are looking for.
Why We Like It:
The Karma yogis that run Yasodhara volunteer their time, making this one of the most affordable centers. Ensuring the experience is exclusively focused on yoga practice, guests can completely lose themselves while at the Ashram.
A five-day yoga retreat will cost about $850, and the Ashram is available year-round.

4. Marigot Beach Club Spa and Wellness Center
Located in the Marigot Bay of St Lucia and part of the Eastern Caribbean; this off the grid resort is only accessible by ferry.
Why We Like It:
Marigot offers a plethora of different activities for its guests. From Pranayama breathing workshops to spa treatments and sports classes, everyone is able to find some type of relaxation at the Marigot.
The most cost-effective time to go is during the summer with prices around $88-$210 per night for 2 people.

5. Atmanjai Spa & Wellness Centre
Located on the beautiful beaches between Chalong and Rawai on the south-east coast of Phuket Island, this wellness center offers beautiful views and a relaxing spa as well as it’s fitness options.
Why We Like It:
Atmanjai offers several types of detox programs, as well as a variety of fitness options, allowing guests to concentrate on their health.
Rooms cost from $77 to $218 per night, and a variety of add-on packages like EatWell Detox and UltraCleanse are also available.  

6. White Lotus Foundation Retreat Center
From yoga retreats to teacher training, the White Lotus strives to use yoga as a grounding method for revitalizing focus and a tool to move forward.
Why We Like It:
Santa Barbara, California is ideal for a retreat as there are many trails and swimming holes as well as spots perfect for silent reflection. With indoor or outdoor accommodation options, White Lotus is perfect if you are looking for a yoga-centric experience.
A four-day retreat will cost about $825 whereas teacher-training programs can range from $2,100 to $5,000.

7. Kalani Oceanside Retreat
If the lava or the tropical weather isn’t enticing enough, the motivation behind the creation of Kalani should move you. Kalani is largest NGO provider of recreational and cultural services serving Puna, the poorest district in Hawaii. Located on the Big Island in Hawaii, this educational organization works to combine culture, nature and wellness in the services they provide.
Why We Like It:
From workshops to "edu-vacations", guests can customize a relaxing and transformative experience. For example, their Astrology, Kundalini Yoga, Shamanism, and Art Workshop uses different mediums to teach attendees about the intersections of Astrology, art and yoga.
Cost: $95-$245 per night for two persons or 7-day all-inclusive packages from $810 to $1,260. Bonus, for those looking to benefit from the tranquility of Kalani without breaking the bank, volunteer programs are also available.
8. Big Sky Yoga Retreat
Located in Bozeman, Montana,  Blue Sky believes that yoga should extend beyond just retreats and their multitude of classes and instruction embody this mindset.
Why We Like It:
Unlike the other retreats listed here, Big Sky offers Cowgirl Yoga, which focuses on women and their place in yoga; they also bring the cowgirl theme to life with horses and a rodeo twang! They also offer a retreat that supports breast cancer research which is a major plus in our book.
Cost: A 3-night winter retreat will cost between $1,695 and $1,995 and a 3-night yoga and hiking retreat costs between $1,650 and $1,895.

9. Villa Sumaya Retreat Center

In the heart of the Mayan Highlands on the picturesque shores of Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, Villa Sumaya Retreat Center offers a retreat like no other. The rich landscape and beauty offered by the Guatemalan scenery only adds to the peace, tranquility and overall experience..
Why We Like it:
With its abundant selection of programs from instructors from all over the world, guests are able to find the style of retreat and focus that is right for them. As an Eco-Chic Wellness center, Villa Sumaya offers rejuvenating holistic practices and Mayan traditions to travelers.
Cost: Accommodations cost between $65 and $155 per night. All inclusive  7-day retreats are priced between $1795-$2095.
10. Gaia Retreat and Spa
As a retreat center, the Gaia offers guests’ different options and ways to unwind near Byron Bay in Australia. The amazing scenery and expansive options and services offered make this a unique, completely satisfying experience.
Why We Like It:
Guests are able to personalize their stays with different upgrades such as Detox, Yoga, or Fitness focus. The accommodations and eco-centric environment make it easy to get away. Guests are able to unwind and focus completely on themselves in this healthy minded environment.
Cost: Prices for packages vary and each includes accommodations, gourmet meals and snacks, morning yoga and a Spa gift pack on arrival. $888 for 2 nights  - $3248 for 7 nights.

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