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Last year did not begin with a list of goals or resolutions. I ceased working the boring nine to five and believed 2014 would be the year I started a small consulting business. Sure it's an interesting venture but not exactly what I'd call a passion. Financial freedom wasn't my goal; living each day meaningfully and with purpose was.  

One day in March I happened upon a natural deodorant. The concept wasn't new or crazy to me, I'd just never been a subscriber. I honestly didn't believe they worked. After using the product for a couple of weeks I discovered two things. Number one was that it did work - well, sort of. Number two was that I knew I could somehow make it better. So I spent the next six months at home with my face buried in books, basking in the glow of my Macbook as I quasi-studied chemistry and scouring the health and beauty aisles across Northern California.  

When I finally felt I was confidently armed with enough resources and knowledge, I donned an apron and embarked on what I now realize were countless hours in the kitchen producing massive batches of deodorant. Many deodorants were given away, thrown away, thrown at something or someone (half kidding) and reformulated over and over again until finally, at last, I was pleased.

Needless to say launching Purabela.com in December marked a very proud moment for me. The tremendous feeling of accomplishment it gave me made all of those hours worth it and to be honest it never felt like "work" to me. I was obsessed then, and to this day I am constantly researching and testing and discovering new ways to bring the absolute best to the Purabela customers. I worked very hard to create an effective, environmentally safe, toxin and cruelty-free product that people really loved! It was such a remarkable way to finish the year and it left me with direction for what I hope is an exciting year ahead...

The Purabela blog will feature a wide variety of articles focused on natural beauty and healthy living. Here you can expect to find great recipes, news and everything in between - from the environment, health and natural beauty industries as well as guest contributions from individuals who share the same interests and concerns for the environment, people, and animals as you and I do. I really hope you enjoy the posts and I will always welcome your comments, feedback and suggestions.

Thank you so much for being a fan, follower and friend of Purabela. I wish you all the health and happiness in the year ahead!

Leah Gahagan, Founder




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